Paco Navarro | Professional Photographer

Professional photographer from Mexico.
Born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1976, currently spends his time shooting in New York, Los Angeles and Mexico.

Becoming a full-time professional photographer isn't something I had considered nor actually planned until some years ago, when I cast everything aside to embark in a new career: professional photography.

This is not a huge leap of faith when you are 23 years old,  however I was turning 38 and had two kids and a wife to support, the decision became life-changing and full of difficult emotional experiences.

Previously, I spent seven years running a 3d animation company I co-founded, working as an executive producer and then CEO. There was no reason to change, I had successful run while at it and I had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most important advertising agencies and feature film companies in Mexico, USA, Canada and Brazil.
Yet somehow I felt oddly empty. I was bogged down by too much management and found myself yearning to feed my creative soul.

During these times I constantly found myself looking way back to 1999, where fresh out of college and with an Industrial Designer degree to my name, I held a job as a photo and video production assistant. These were times I enjoyed looking back to...
One day I finally realized photography had always been in my heart from the moment my father “gave” me his minolta reflex camera.

It was time for a change.

Years later from that turning point in my life, I find myself running my own photographic business and traveling through Mexico, the US and Latin America snaping shots of people, places and moments... alongside many other things that I enjoy capturing with my camera. 
Seems I got quite good at it as I am listed as one of the best headshot photographers in Mexico, I became an editorial collaborator for Getty Images and have been listed as a succesful entrepeneur in the area. In 2015 I was invited as staff photographer in Blend Images in Los Angeles and in the end of 2016 I was invited as partner to AM productions in New York.

I guess that during my run as a photo assistant, manager, engineer, 3d artist/animator, executive producer, CEO and even as a teacher, I have developed a special way of engaging with people, so doing portraits, headshots and making people get their best out in front of the camera seemed like a natural fit for me.

Nowadays, my professional goal is to put together all my experiences, networking and lessons I have built and learned over a 15 year career so my clients can have an unique experience in front of my camera.

Paco Navarro
Portrait & Commercial Professional Photographer
Guadalajara, Mexico